Fencing in Aigburth

Fencing in AigburthFencing in Aigburth isn’t just about privacy and security. It’s also an issue of identity and style. When you choose a fence for your home or office, you want it to say something about your taste and preferences, but you also want it to be solid and durable so that it effectively protects your property. At A Line fencing, we are experts in all types of fencing, but our most popular products are garden fences. Many of our clients prefer timber in their fencing because it is attractive, long-lasting, stylish, and easy to maintain. Wood fences are great for gardens because they offer maximum privacy while still being ‘green’ enough to match your landscaping.

For your property in Aigburth, fencing comes with an after-sales repair service, so you can call us up in case of any damage and we’ll send our friendly staff to come over and fix your fence at affordable rates. If your fence panels have been vandalised, destroyed by weather, or attacked by pests, we can repair them where possible and replace them when necessary. School fences are especially vulnerable to vandalism, and you’ll be glad to know you can get in touch with us so we can help you resolve that particular challenge. Speaking of school children, we also offer artificial grass, which can be easier to maintain given the boundless energy of school kids.

The beauty of timber fencing in Aigburth is that you can adjust it easily to suit different tastes and styles. You can paint it or use various coats of stain and varnish to give it your own special touch. We don’t just handle wood fences though. We can also install fences made of concrete, mesh, or post and rail. To find out more about affordable and attractive fencing, contact A Line Fencing. If you prefer a security fence or a palisade border with a wooden gate, we can do that too. Our hand-crafted timber gates can be fully solid or they can have stylish spacing between the wood panels as an added stylistic feature. The gates are suitable for front lawns, back yards, gardens, or driveways, so speak to us and let us know what type of gate, fence, or panelling would best fit your needs.