Fencing in Prescot

Fencing in PrescotWhatever type of fencing in Prescot you need, we have it at A Line Fencing. Fencing serves many purposes that make our lives safer, protects our belongings, defines boundaries and enhances aesthetics. Garden fences create a safety zone while enhancing the curb appeal of your home. We create beautiful timber garden fencing and gates both secure and decorative.  We handcraft them to fit and style them to your preference. Privacy fencing for home gardens are available in many styles. Enjoy your garden without worrying about neighbours intruding. Privacy fences are an excellent deterrent to those known as “opportunity thefts”. Thieves are not as likely to encroach on your property if they can’t see what is there.

At A Line fencing, we don’t limit ourselves to domestic fencing. In Prescot, fencing by A Line fencing is professionally installed. Whatever your fencing need, we have a solution including industrial fencing of steel or Palisades and mesh. We install industrial fences for schools, manufacturing complexes and government facilities. Protect what matters while creating an eye pleasing barrier. Construction sites are welcome to call us for temporary mesh and pole fencing to protect their property and inventory. Concrete fencing is also one of our specialities if you want a solid barrier or divider. Our company is active throughout the North West so call us from any location.

Fencing in Prescot needs to be professionally installed to be and look straight and level. We don’t cut corners by using smaller nails or flimsy wood. We build fences to stand straight and last long through many years of all kinds of weather. If your fence was not built to last and is losing boards and sag, contact A Line Fencing. We can do all fencing repairs that will add years to the life of your fence. We use good products and we never skimp on details when installing. Yet, we can offer our services at affordable costs. Call us and we’ll come to you and prepare a free survey of where you want your fence and a free quote. While we’re there, talk to us about any paving, decking or turf installation you’re considering. We do it all.