Garden Fencing in Gateacre

Fencing in GateacreOur speciality is garden fencing in Gateacre, although we also and install commercial and industrial fencing. To be precise, timber garden fencing is greatly in demand. You may not know what kind of timber you like until we show you some samples. We use sturdy hardwoods for our garden fencing that will stand up to the elements for years to come. Garden fencing serves many purposes but is always an asset to a property if its quality built and installed. Drive around neighbourhoods and you will see fences that are poorly built and installed. They detract from the property because the poor quality is showing. Strong, straight and durable is what you get when A Line Fencing builds your fence.

When you have selected one or two timber choices that will complement your home, your next step is design and location. For homes in Gateacre, fencing options ae available depending on whether you want the entire perimeter of your property fenced, maybe with driveway gates or just an enclosed back garden. How much privacy do you want? That will determine the height of your fence. Block out your surroundings and create your own private retreat in your yard. Or, keep it high enough to protect the kids and pets but low enough to share a cup of coffee with a neighbour by the fence. If your goal is security, then add our timber gates with secure locks.

When we plan your garden fencing in Gateacre installation, we make every effort to not disturb existing landscaping plants or trees. The fence must be well inside your property line. We can work around most and if large trees are on the property line, we will create a free flow line around them. They will be outside the fence line but you will still benefit from their shade. It may be worth it to you to remove small border shrubs and plants and place them within the fence line after installation. Contact A Line Fencing and we’ll prepare a proposal for you at no charge. Our prices are fair and reasonable. Plus we guarantee our work and materials to be quality that will last. We also do fence repairs so if a tree branch crashes a section of fence, we can fix it for you.