Boundary Fencing in Lydiate

Boundary Fencing in LydiateWhen you need a fencing contractor for boundary fencing in Lydiate, A- Line Fencing is your best bet. Price always matters and our prices are fair without cutting corners or using poor quality materials. We’ve been called out to repair fences built by others that would have been easier to tear down and start all over. In timber fences especially we find flimsy wood panels and pickets that are so thin, the wood spits. The builders use short finishing nails to hold it together because strong galvanised bolts would split the wood even more. The nails work loose within a year. Even the gates, especially for private gardens sag within a couple of years and the gate locks no longer line up. Such fences are a waste of time and money.

While we believe in value for money we do not believe in wasting money on poor quality products and construction. For homeowners in Lydiate, boundary fencing that is cheaply built with low quality materials may look like a bargain but they are more expensive in the long run. You want a good balance and that’s what we give you at A-Line Fencing. Value for money means a fairly priced project that is durable and long lasting. Fences take a beating from the elements so it must be properly built to withstand the weather without sagging and rotting. That’s the quality of service you will get from us. There are many reasons to install a timber garden fence so we work with you to choose the design and plan that best suits your style.

For boundary fencing in Lydiate, we are your all around fencing contractor for commercial, industrial and school projects. Count on us for security and safety fencing that protects your inventory, your property and safety. High Palisade fencing, mesh installations or post and rail along with timber are all our specialities. We can install temporary fencing when needed and even concrete fencing. Contact A-Line Fencing and tell us what you want to protect. We’ll pay a visit to your property and consult with you regarding the best solution. When you need a fence that will last for many years, call us at A Line. We also do fence repairs and decking.