Cheap Garden Fencing in Lydiate

Cheap Garden Fencing in LydiateAt A Line Fencing we get queries regarding cheap garden fencing in Lydiate. We’re not offended but rather we appreciate those homeowners who want a nice attractive border fence for their garden at a reasonable price. They want it to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements and maintain its integrity for many years but they don’t want to pay for unnecessary heights and high security. A nice garden fence to keep the kids and dog in the yard and deter trespassers along with a gate and sturdy lock. The durability of a fence rests on the material used to construct the fence. So often, even in fences that are not so cheap we see where corners have been cut during the assembly and installation. When you see finishing nails used instead of galvanised spiral nails, that fence is going to fall. It’s happened.

Another shortcut is supports not set deeply enough in concrete and wood fence posts not tanalised that rot quickly at ground level. In Lydiate, cheap garden fencing does not have to mean a cheaply constructed and installed fence. At A Line Fencing, it means wood fence panels about 4’ high fitted together by master fitters. We install your fencing but if you feel competent to undertake installation, it will save you some money. We can’t guarantee it if you do the installation so get some guidance and do it right. There are expensive fences that have fallen quickly into disrepair due to amateur installation. We offer several varieties of timber for our fences and all make good quality fencing panels. Some cost more than others.

We can install cheap garden fencing in Lydiate that will look good and serve the purpose for which it was designed for decades. Our fence panels are all good quality but there is always a little wiggle room without compromising the integrity of the fence. If you have a fence in disrepair contact A Line Fencing and we’ll let you know if it’s salvageable for restoration. It won’t cost you anything for a quote. Tell us your budget and we’ll make the effort to work within it without sacrificing quality and good looks. We think if you’ve shopped around you’ll be surprised how much cheaper our prices are.