Garden Gates in Maghull

Garden Gates in MaghullA Line Fencing offers a range of charming garden gates in Maghull that will add pizzazz to your property. We offer a comprehensive selection of timber gates to suit your needs, preferences and budget. Our gates can be matched with a variety of options and fitted to fencing, timber posts, concrete posts, or wall fittings. They are available in a selection of styles to match your building and garden. You can also have them installed in your driveway, decking area or side entrances besides the garden to provide demarcation of these different areas while controlling access. You can use different types of timber to add beauty and grace. While many people put a lot of thought into the fencing options for gardens, not much time is spent on choosing the right type of gate. Unfortunately, the gate is the first thing that people notice when they walk towards or out of the garden area. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right one.

For your property in Maghull, garden gates should be chosen keeping the overall design in mind so that no element looks out of place. If you live in a rural area, rustic charm would be the theme, whereas a more elegant style is needed for elegant town-houses or restoration areas. It’s also important to ensure a balance of all the features. For instance, don’t overwhelm the gate with gate posts that are too imposing, over decorative or distract attention from it. If you live in a country cottage, ensure that the fencing and gates are in sync with the surroundings.

In general, you don’t need planning permission to install garden gates in Maghull. However, if you’re planning fencing and gates for security or privacy and mean to go above the prescribed height, you may need council permissions. Contact us for more information about our available garden gates. Our highly-talented, trained and experienced design team can help you to connect the different design aspects in such a project. The extent and nature of your garden, the kind of architecture that’s used in the house construction, what kind of use the garden is put to, security and safety issues, besides the aesthetic aspects.