Picket Fencing in Bootle

Picket Fencing in BootlePicket fencing in Bootle is far more versatile than you may think. Picket fence boards are traditional shaped to form a point at the top. In fact, when first used back in the 1600s, a picket fence was a seriously tall and dangerous barrier to scale without becoming impaled on a picket. These days, the picket fence is, on average, four foot high with spaced boards and pickets that have their points sanded flat. We don’t want the kids or dog to get hung up trying to jump over. White is a popular colour. The white picket fence is aesthetically pleasing and serves well as a boundary marker to secure pets and children from straying outside the property. Double board picket fencing adds strength and more privacy if desired.

At A Line Fencing, we think there is still room in this world for stockade style fencing, which was the original style picket fence. We supply fencing for domestic, industrial and commercial customers and in Bootle, picket fencing can still serve as a privacy and safety barrier. Such fencing is especially effective at keeping private property secure while still providing an attractive timber barrier. A six-foot-high close board picket fence with sharp pickets will block the junkyard, the scrap yard, the lumberyard, machinery and more. Neighbours appreciate the barrier especially when it’s made of natural timber. While a real stockade fence made of tree trunks is likely cost-prohibitive, the picket fence is an effective and attractive substitute that is affordable.

Picket fencing in Bootle is for all types of enclosures but timber garden fencing is our speciality. We use good sturdy timber fence panels that will withstand years of abuse by the elements. Our installation team are true professionals. We do justice to the quality of the fencing materials with superior workmanship when installing. Choose your height and your board spacing and we’ll do the rest. Contact A Line Fencing when it’s time for a new fence and see how a picket fence can enhance your property while protecting it. We guarantee customer satisfaction. Keep in mind, our team at A Line Fencing also undertakes all manner of fence repairs.