When You Want to Upgrade Your Garden, Consider Turfing in Prescot

Turfing in PrescotTurfing in Prescot is among our many services at A Line Fencing. We bring the same experience, workmanship and product quality to all our undertakings, including installation of turf. You may be installing at a new construction site or refurbishing an existing neglected garden area. The new turf could be for home, office building or playing field. Regardless of the specifics, the fundamentals to achieve a spectacular finish are the same; details matters. We start at the beginning, which is preparing the ground. It has to be tilled to break up hard soil so it’s loose and free of foreign objects. We may add a few inches of top soil to help the new plants take root and boost nutrients.

Once the ground is prepared, we source fresh cut high quality turf that is ready to install. For our customers in Prescot, turfing is often the single most dramatic addition to the appearance of their home. It’s high up on the scale of instant gratification. That magnificent transformation will be short lived if the turf is poor quality. Great quality turf will remain healthy for a good long while but without that bit of normal and regular maintenance, it may not continue to thrive. So, give your new turf the recommended attention and the roots will go deep and strong. That helps your turf fight off an underworld of predators who think you planted that grass just for them.

We have been a local fixture for turfing in Prescot as well as fencing, paving and decking. Our structures look better with healthy green turf as a contrasting backdrop. You will enjoy your landscaping and the compliments on how well maintained your property is. The exterior of your property is a visitor’s first impression of you. You can tell a lot about a person by how willing they are to care for the appearance of their property. Fencing, decking and turfing is hard work and actually impossible for some. Contact A Line Fencing today for quality turf. We have the equipment, experience, knowledge and ability to create lovely grounds for your home or business. We will make you look good.