Picket Fencing in Orrell Park – adds Charm to Your Property

Picket Fencing in Orrell Park You can use picket fencing in Orrell Park to mark the boundary of your property without taking its beauty away. Picket fencing is typically about one meter high and has even spacing between narrow vertical panels or boards. This design allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views and visibility of your neighbourhood. If you have children, picket fencing enables you to watch them as they play in the street. While picket fences can prevent your neighbours’ pets and kids from wandering into your yard, it is not ideal for all security applications. This type of decorative fencing is common in suburbs, gated communities and protected estates where alternative security solutions are in place.

We have several picket fencing designs that can enhance your property’s aesthetics. In Orrell Park, our picket fencing solutions can enhance your property’s kerb appeal. These neat panels direct your guests and draw the eye line to your front door as a welcome invitation. They help create a clear demarcation between the main street and your garden. If you have a pet, the picket fence can stop them from wandering into the road and keep them safe from traffic hazards. We treat our fencing panels with advanced methods to prevent rot, decay, and pest infestation. Our preservation methods are safe for the environment and harmless to people.

Along with picket fencing in Orrell Park, we provide timber gates to match. We understand every property and client is unique. As such we tailor our designs and services to suit your preferences. Our expert design and installation teams are second to none. Our staff can rest assured that your picket fence will stand the test of time. Contact A Line Fencing today if you need a robust yet aesthetically pleasing picket fence. If you need enhanced security, we provide industrial and concrete fencing solutions. Beyond fencing, we provide high-quality paving, decking and turfing. Our world-class products and services have garnered praise from several happy customers. Since our inception, we have thrived on providing top-class service to our customers.