Picket Fencing in Netherley – a Quaint But Secure Fencing Option

Picket Fencing in Netherley Picket fencing in Netherley adds a stylish and cottage-style look to your property. For many years, fencing has been used to protect one’s property, along with demarcating boundaries. Today, the same applies, but the style of fencing now depends on the property owner’s specific tastes and requirements. The fact remains that a fence must be strong and durable, regardless of the type of fencing. We offer a broad range of timber fencing that will meet your exact requirements. Included in our range of fencing is picket fencing. Our available picket fencing is an ideal choice for an attractive, yet secure garden fence.

To add style along with safety to your property in Netherley, picket fencing is a great choice. Simply put, this type of fencing is made with vertical timber boards. These are the pickets. During installation, they are evenly spaced from one another. Typically, near the top of the pickets, a horizontal board is attached to ensure stability. The pickets can be cut to your specific height requirements. The traditional picket fence is not very high. However, to ensure better security and privacy, you can have the pickets cut to a height that suits you. In addition, as they have spaces between them, you are still able to see out of the property while still maintaining your privacy. Timber fencing is a top fencing choice as it is durable and sturdy.

If you would like picket fencing in Netherley for your property, speak to us. We are a well-established fencing company with many years of experience. Furthermore, we are highly regarded for our excellent quality products available at competitive prices. For more details on how our experts can assist you with picket fencing, contact A Line Fencing right away. Our professional team can also install your new picket fencing. In addition to our top range of fencing for your property, we also offer wooden garden gates. This, along with your new picket fencing, will add a beautiful look to your property. Furthermore, if your picket fence needs repairs, we also offer an expert fencing repair service.