Timber Gates in Wavertree

Timber Gates in WavertreeTo give the entrance to your garden a touch of class, timber gates in Wavertree are the ultimate great looking garden enhancement. Our timber gates are hand crafted and styled to suit any driveway or garden. We build unique gates to suit any size opening. The gates are made from timber and supplied and fitted by our experienced fitting team. The gate must be hung correctly to stop any sagging or rubbing. This may sound simple but it can be difficult for a novice to do properly. We also supply wood treatments to protect your timber. Wood can be adversely affected by rain and sun. It can damage the wood if treatments are not applied to stop water absorption or sun damage. Rot can set in or your gate could be attacked by insects.

You have a wall around your property or a fence to mark the boundary. In Wavertree, timber gates will effectively secure the openings into the garden. They also provide a stylish look to your garden and can be fitted onto a wall or a fence. It can be used to seal your garden so pets cannot roam outside of the property. Some gates are used inside the property to separate the front and back yards. This can be done to give greater privacy to part of the garden or to provide better security to areas that cannot be seen from the road. The gates can be fitted with locks to ensure they are secure.

We supply and fit timber gates in Wavertree as well as fencing around your property. We also lay paving for patios and driveways in block, brick, flagging and tarmac. Contact A Line Fencing today as we are able to do all your gates, fencing and paving. We can make garden paths using flagging or natural stone and offer a wide range of services including paving repairs. We supply decking kits for the DIY enthusiast that will fit the style and design of your home and garden.