Boundary Fencing in Wavertree

Boundary Fencing in WavertreeMaybe poet Robert Frost was wrong and boundary fencing in Wavertree actually makes good neighbours even better. In his poem, “Mending Wall” he surmises that fences interfere with neighbourly good will. Of course, Robert Frost never met your neighbours and his neighbours in that pastoral setting were probably miles away, not 25 feet or less. So, if you feel the need to set boundaries to define your property line and discourage others from traipsing through your garden unannounced call us at A Line Fencing and ask them for a quote. They do an excellent job of building attractive fences that are sturdy enough to stand up to the fiercest elements.

You can have our team at A Line Fencing install a boundary fence of wood panels that block your view and protects your privacy. However in Wavertree, boundary fencing like post and rail might be more to your liking. It’s open so it’s appearance doesn’t throw up a “keep out” attitude but it does emphasise that the property within those boundaries is private property. Post and rail fencing can be a very attractive addition to your garden providing a guide for border plants. Many people with large properties choose post and rail to mark their borders because again, it looks great but it’s also less expensive than most other types of fencing. This type of fencing holds up well but when repairs are needed it’s easy to fix.  Kids and dogs can climb through, under and over at will.

Boundary fencing in Wavertree for the security of commercial or industrial sites might be made from chain link or wire mesh. We can go as high as you need and top with barbed wire by request. Our many years of experience will serve you well. We select quality materials and assemble and install on your site. Your cost is dictated by the type, height and length of the fence and also by your chosen materials and the amount of labour to install. Contact A Line Fencing and we’ll work with you to give you a boundary fence that fits within your budget. There won’t be any surprise add ons; the price we quote is your final price.