Different Types of Boundary Fencing in Allerton Available for Your Property

Boundary Fencing in AllertonA popular choice for boundary fencing in Allerton is post and rail fencing. Properties of larger acreage look even more spacious with a boundary fence. There are other choices for boundary fencing. We can do split rail if you prefer all wood or ornamental iron if want a fence that will last for 60 years. However, a post and rail fence looks so charming and rustic and is the least expensive. As for durability, we use tanalised wood and with regular maintenance, any fence can last for decades. A post and rail boundary fence is functional, sturdy and leaves the surrounding views unobstructed.

Aside from aesthetics, the function of a boundary fence is to define your property line. For properties in Allerton, boundary fencing of post and rail does not offer the security or privacy of fence panels. However, without detracting from the charm of the post and rail, fine solid wire or chicken wire, can be added between posts. It’s almost invisible as is a line of barbed wire along the top rail. Such additions might serve to keep dogs within the boundary and some trespassers out. A major factor in the looks and longevity of a fence, especially an extensive border fence, is the installation. Our team at A Line Fencing are experienced professionals and we install the fence posts for your boundary fence deep to keep the fence line straight and stable.

Boundary fencing in Allerton is one of many types of fencing we install at A Line Fencing. We can meet your fencing needs from garden fencing to industrial security fences. Your boundary fencing needs may be commercial so the wood panels or steel rail would suit your needs. If privacy is important, then of course wood panels. Whatever is contained within the perimeter of the fencing is blocked from view. Contact A Line Fencing and let us come out to your site and consult about the best fencing solution for your boundary fencing. We offer free estimates and there is no obligation. Also, think of us when you need temporary fencing to secure your construction site boundary.