Looking for Quality Turfing in Huyton for Your Property?

Turfing in HuytonTurfing in Huyton is supplied and installed by A Line Fencing. Choose fresh cut, delivered and installed, often the same day. Our natural turf is healthy and hardy and you can count on it putting down strong roots that will sustain your green grass garden for years to come. Enjoy cultivating the most beautiful garden in the neighbourhood with our turf and your love for nurturing and growing things. It’s not difficult to maintain a healthy garden turf with proper mowing and applying weed and feed products blended specifically for the season. There is a great satisfaction associated with sustaining a beautiful green garden. As long as the kids don’t kick up turf playing soccer or riding scooters in circles, your natural lawn turf will endure through normal play.

Oh, but maybe you aren’t impressed with yourself and your green garden grass after mowing, feeding and weeding. Maybe you’re just tired and sweaty because in Huyton, turfing care is just another chore. Then there’s the constant patching because the kids play rough on the turf in cleats and the dog digs. We have a better turfing solution for you. At A Line Fencing we install gorgeous artificial turf that looks like the real deal. If your kids play indoor sports then you are familiar with artificial turf. That’s what they play on indoors but it works just fine outdoors. No mowing, no weeding and feeding and in fact it doesn’t matter if the sun never shines and your area is in the middle of a drought.

There’s two schools of thought on turfing in Huyton and at A Line Fencing we are pleased to accommodate both. Natural grass absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. It also traps dust so we breathe in cleaner air. Artificial turf is constructed of recycled products like plastics and rubber. It can also be recycled again if you decide to dispose of it. It requires no pesticides and fertilisers that can contaminate groundwater. You can have a green garden while conserving thousands of gallons of water a year. Contact A Line Fencing for a quote on either natural or artificial turf for your garden. The way we see it, you’re a rock star no matter which choice you make.