Garden Gates in Maghull

Garden Gates in MaghullLooking for new garden gates in Maghull could be difficult if you have a larger or smaller opening than normal. You will be delighted to find that we manufacture gates in a number of designs in any size you need.  If you have a small pathway running next to a wall that you would like to secure with a gate, we will measure the aperture and make a gate from timber to your unique specifications.  You may have a wall around your property and need an attractive gate to enclose it properly.  We will build a gate and attach the correct hinges and hang it for you.  Hanging a gate is the most important part of the installation as it needs to be fixed securely but it should be able to be opened at the lightest touch.  This is a fine balancing act. The levels need to be absolutely accurate or the gate will be a beast to open or close.

When the gated entrance to your property is old and worn in Maghull, a new garden gate is necessary. Our wooden gates have been made of specially prepare timber that can handle the sun and the rain as well as rot and fungus attack.  The preservative used in our timber is also an insect repellent and will stop pests boring into the wood. Our experienced staff can help you choose the right gate from your home.  With a wide array of heights, designs and styles it can be difficult to choose the perfect gate. You will need to decide if you want a solid wooden gate or one that has slats that are partially open.  The solid wooden gate is very useful in creating a private area while a partially solid gate is appropriate for a driveway or entrance gate allowing you to see the visitor.

Looking for new garden gates in Maghull is easy. If you are looking for new garden gates, contact A Line Fencing today and view our range of wooden gates.  You will be pleased at how affordable they are.