Turfing in Crosby

Turfing in CrosbyWhen shopping for turfing in Crosby, think of A Line Fencing. That’s right, we supply and install fresh-cut turf for your garden. It makes a lovely finish for your new fence or even your old one. This may be just the face-lift your garden areas needs if it’s looking a bit spotty. You only have to blink and weeds start popping up and bare spots showing up. Often times, homeowners will attempt overseeding or scattering new seed over those bare spots and then the entire garden. That usually doesn’t help much because the ground is packed down and too hard for the seed to penetrate and take root. You’ll see tufts of new grass where the wind has blown the seed that the birds haven’t eaten or a line of new grass where heavy rains have washed it.

Very often the best solution is to start over and we make that easy for you. For success in Crosby, turfing should be fresh cut and the ground properly prepared. We can deliver fresh turf to your door and you can install it yourself. However, if you indulge in short cuts you defeat your purpose for a healthy green garden. The old sod should be skimmed off and the ground tilled to loosen the top six inches. You might even want to add some topsoil. If that’s more work than you have time or inclination for, our installation rates at A Line Fencing are competitive and we don’t take shortcuts. We get the job done right and depending on your garden size and Mother Nature, we may be able to finish in one day.

There is another solution to garden turfing in Crosby that many busy people have adopted. That solution is artificial turf. The demand for artificial turf continues to increase each year because it looks perfect and it’s low maintenance. It’s estimated that a homeowner saves 55 gallons of water per year for each square foot of natural turf replaced with synthetic. Its upfront cost is more than natural turf but it will last for up to 20 years. We offer options for garden turfing. Contact us and we’ll come out and give you free estimates on both natural and artificial sod. Your customer satisfaction is guaranteed.