V Board Fencing in Aughton

V Board Fencing in AughtonAll our ‘V’ board fencing in Aughton is manufactured to be very strong and durable.  Our heavy duty ‘V’ board close board fence panels are pressure treated with Tanalith ‘E’ which is a chemical that protects the wood from rot, fungus and pests. It is not sprayed on but is forced into the wood through a special pressure vessel. This allows us to offer a 10-year anti-fungal, rot and decay guarantee. The wood is sourced and harvested in the UK from environmentally managed and controlled woodlands. The heavy duty ‘V’ board panels are manufactured to be stronger than normal fence panels with the boards overlapping each other. These boards come with a fully tanalised decorative Toblerone cap included in the price.

We offer a number of different styles of fence panel including a few designs which are equally attractive on both sides. In Aughton, V board fencing is one of our strongest products. Our European range has latticework on the top of some designs. The European Fence panels are made in metric measures, unlike the ‘V’ board panels which are in feet and inches. The heavy duty ‘V’ board close board fence panels are manufactured using vertical feather edged boards hence panels are tough and durable and made to our very high standards. The heavy duty board is made with each piece overlapping another and fixed to numerous tanalised back rails. The heavy duty panels are double and nailed together for added strength using special nails.

Our boundary fencing is made of the highest quality materials including V board fencing in Aughton.  Contact A Line Fencing today and let our experienced staff help you to choose the perfect fence for your property. Our team will advise you on the different timbers and styles that are available. Our specialist installers will make sure that your fence is correctly fitted and will also install the garden gates required for access to the property. They take great care to ensure the gates are hung correctly to allow ease of opening and closing. They can be made to fit any aperture from narrow side gates to really wide driveway gates.