Turfing in Huyton, an Excellent Choice for Durability, Good Looks and Affordability

Turfing in HuytonTurfing in Huyton is a much-needed convenience that’s available at your doorstep today! A-Line Fencing, a one-stop-shop for services related to landscaping projects, brings you exciting options at unbelievable prices. We take care of fencing, paving projects and providing garden gates. Timber Fencing and other handcrafted products come with top quality assurance, guaranteed to bring you that charmingly rustic look.

Traditionally, in Huyton, turfing involves laying a lawn with freshly lifted grass to give a green cover. This is usually made with a variety of grasses, ranging from ornamental to hardwearing grass lawns for playgrounds and football fields. Our teams of professionals are always available to give you the right advice on what would be ideal. Typically, for our clients, the Verdant Premium Lawn or the Tough Sport lawn turfs are the best choices. As a turf supplier, our products are in compliance with the TGA Standards, guaranteeing quality and price.

Turfing in Huyton comes with interesting options. One can choose between artificial or freshly lifted garden grass for a green field. If you are hard pressed for time or do not have experience in gardening, we recommend artificial grass which is a quick and easy way to an instant garden that’s not difficult to maintain. Contact A-Line Fencing when you’re wanting turfing. Some advantages of artificial grass over turf include low maintenance, and elimination of tedious mowing, weeding and hosing. It is especially useful in environments with schoolchildren and pets. Artificial grass being tough, can withstand heavy wear and tear. A thicker pile also protects against injury. These surfaces are laid on sand bases, so the muddy aftermath of a good play session is completely avoided, much to the relief of many a harassed mom! Drainage is quick and efficient, especially useful for play yards in schools, football fields, and gardens in homes commercial areas. Simple brush downs with a broom is all it takes to restore the soft, fluffy texture.